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Think it Then Be it

Great, caring leaders know that life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think it, you can be it.

July 5, 2021

Two weeks ago, Mini-me learned that one of our ancestors was a passenger on the Mayflower. As exciting as it might seem, this new information about her family’s history is going to do nothing to change her future. The only things that will have a certain impact on one’s tomorrows are the same things that have always been connected to a change in trajectory: personal belief and commitment.

And that’s the point for this new week.

Nothing about my daughter’s ancestry entitles her to anything. Learning something new about the past changes not one thing about the future. Committing to the attitude, thoughts and behaviors that impact future outcomes, however, will.

Each of us is individually responsible for ourselves individually.

Whatever we accomplish in life is directly correlated to that which we believe we can accomplish and are willing to work to achieve. If we think it, then we can be it. Things which occurred hundreds of years ago have exactly nothing to do with who we will become tomorrow. Only we are in charge of that.

Whether we believe we are capable of greatness or that we are destined for mediocrity, we’re exactly right. See, life is a choice. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you hope for and endeavor to achieve is what you will become. Period.

Even as the debate over what we should teach our children rages on, simply remember this: it doesn’t matter. Charlotte’s Mayflower ancestry has endowed her with the same privilege as any other American – to wake up each day and to work harder than anyone else, to believe that what she envisions, she can achieve, and that in this country one can still be anything they put your mind to being.

So, think it, then be it.

And win.

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By Phillip Kane

Phillip Kane is a husband, father, and caring steward. He has had a successful business career of more than 30 years in some of the world’s best-known corporations. Working for brands like Goodyear, Pirelli, Rothschild, and NAPA, Kane has had the privilege to lead thousands of individuals and has managed billions of dollars in value for stakeholders. Consistently recognized by the leaders of these organizations for excellence, Kane though credits any personal success to those he has led and who have made each win possible. Born in Detroit, the grandson of an International Harvester (now Navistar) truck dealer, Kane has spent a lifetime in and around cars and trucks. An Eagle Scout, Kane has been serving others since he was a young boy. Crediting his father and a Nigerian priest with almost every good thing he has learned about life, leadership, business and the art of storytelling, Kane has been recognized twice by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner for the impact of his storytelling on teams. Kane lives in Ohio with his wife, Annie, of 28 years, 3 children, Caroline (24), Charlotte (21) and William (17), and the wonderdogs – Moses, Daisy, Eddie and Pete.

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