andwin.net is the blog site for author Phillip Kane’s (almost) weekly letter on ANDWIN leadership and The Not So Subtle Art of Caring. Whether you’re leading a business, a family, an athletic team, or a community non-profit, a score is kept. And where scores are kept winning must be the goal.

But what separates great leaders from everyone else are the artful choices great leaders make to win the right way. andwin is about those choices and the leaders who make them. ANDWIN is an alternative to the last century’s top-down, fear based, extroverted Baby-Boomer leadership style. It’s about the not so subtle art of caring. It’s about choosing a better way to lead. It’s about stories that help us better relate to one another and the challenges in front of us, stories that enable winning. It’s about the ampersand. The “&”. It says you can treat others the right way &Win. Thanks for visiting the site. Before you go, please share a post or two with someone you care about. ANDWIN.

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