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Start with hope. Phillip Kane’s blog
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Friday, December 30, 2022

This week, a man whom I have great respect for, said something to me that I have heard him say before, but that, this time, maybe owing to the time of the year, I found myself thinking even more about.

He said to me, “We try. We hope.”

On this occasion, I told him that I am a great believer in hope and that hope is vastly underrated. I think that’s because the “Hope is not a strategy” crowd has done much in recent years to diminish the standing of hope in the world. But in the history of mankind, every notable accomplishment has likely been preceded by hope. See, achievement is not possible without hope.

And that’s the point for the week.

Hope begets belief. And belief begets doing. And doing begets winning. But hope comes first.

With hope, that which seems impossible enters the realm of human consideration. That’s because intrinsic in hope, I think, is the notion, or better yet, the assurance, that we are not alone. And that together, with help, almost anything can happen.

Bolstered by that belief, we try more often. And because we do, solely on the basis of math, we will win more. But it starts with hope.

So much did Pope, now Saint John Paul 2 believe in the power of hope that about it, he said, “I plead with you, never ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” What he seemed to know, beyond any doubt was that hope, in fact, will never disappoint. Because even in suffering, darkness, and uncertainty hope brings with it the promise of something new, a chance at redemption, an opportunity to get the thing we failed at right the next time around.

We try. We hope.

As we stand on the doorstep of a new year, I wish for all of you, and for all of mankind, great hope. Because in hope, there is nothing that remains unavailable to us.

So, start with hope.

And win.

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Joy News

Release Joy

Release joy. Phillip Kane’s blog.
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This week, Argentina defeated France in the FIA World Cup in what was arguably one of the greatest sporting events of all time. Within the match were many breathtaking moments of skill, sportsmanship, and sheer determination ‐ not the least of which was Gonzalo Montiel’s penalty kick to seal the championship. But it was what came immediately after the Montiel kick that was, for me, the most enduring memory of the tournament.

Telemundo announcer, Andres Cantor, in calling the goal, burst forth, releasing an exclamation of nearly a full minute and a half, at times shouting, other times whispering, and at other times sobbing, that can only be described as pure, unadulterated joy ‐ one that I will never forget, and that moved me to tears, for only that I understood the joy that he felt. That’s because joy is unmistakable. Joy is also contagious. And the world needs more joy in it, because with Joy, human beings accomplish more together.

And that’s the point for the week.

During this season, it’s appropriate to speak of joy.

Regardless of what you believe, the notion that more joy brought to the world is better than less should be beyond argument.

But for so many joy has gone out of style. It’s become more fashionable to choose cynicism, hate, cancellation and division instead of joy.
But having one or the other is a simple choice: between one that makes the world a better place, and one that doesn’t.

See, joy makes it impossible for any negative human condition to persist. With joy, anger, hate, strife, despair, loss, or any other self‐indulgent emotional state or relationship between us and others cannot exist. Because with joy, there’s no room for these things. Joy has no time for negativity.

And because of that, with joy, almost anything becomes possible ‐ like that which many of us believe happened in a stable 2,000 years ago. Because joy opens the lens of possibilities. With joy, we focus on goodness, hope, and what can be. With joy, we want better for not only ourselves but those around us too.

Teams where joy is persistent are bound together tightly, like a cord of many strands. Not easily broken, these teams endure more, move with greater force, and rise to greater heights propelled by the sheer force of joy that makes anything otherwise absolutely unthinkable.

So, be like Andres. Release joy.

And win.

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Believe in Your Own Self-Worth

Believe in your own self-worth. Phillip Kane's and blog
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Friday, December 16, 2022

One day, this week, I had come down to the lobby of my hotel ready for work a bit earlier than usual. So, I decided to spend some time visiting with the valet, Salvador, who helps me most mornings. I like being around Salvador. See, I have never not seen him smiling. Talking to him always makes me happy.

On this day, I learned from him that he had recently left Uber. He shared with me that Uber had reduced the percentage of each fare that was paid to him. As a result, he made a decision to leave. He told me that his decision was less about economics than it was about feeling like he was being undervalued by the people at Uber. Salvador believed that he was worth more and left to find someone who believed it as much as he did. See what Salvador seems to understand intrinsically is this: whether you think you and your brand have great value or none at all, you’re exactly right.

And that’s the point for the week.

Only we, as individuals and as organizations, ultimately determine our worth. The world is full of people whose primary goal in life is to get something for less and just as many more who believe that they can increase their own worth by cheapening someone else’s. The plain truth of life though is this: those type of people never find what they are looking for. That’s because nothing of value will ever be found at the bottom of anything nor will blowing another candle out ever make one burn any brighter.

Worth is a matter of self-belief. Being worth more starts with believing we are. The converse is also true; the fastest way to cheapen ourselves or our brand is to start believing it is worth less than it actually is or to let others convince us of the same.

Being more, collecting more, and having more are solely and ultimately determined by each of us – first and foremost by what rattles around inside our heads. If we think that we deserve more, we will achieve more. If we think that we deserve less, we will achieve less. Life is, after all, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether you think you have great value, or none at all, you’re right.

When each one of us wants more for ourselves and for the organizations we belong to, we will have more. It is truly no more complicated than that. If more of us want what we’ve always had, we will have just that. If more of us want less, we can have that too. That is the choice that is before each one of us and our teams as a whole each and every day: to accept more, to accept the same as always, or to accept something less.

I want more for all of you.

I want all of you to refuse to accept any less than that. I want all of you to declare that never should you accept less than what you or the organizations you are a part of are worth then act like it each and every day, day in and day out, by giving more, expecting more, and refusing to accept anything less than more.

When you do, one day you will all have the more that you want. But it starts today, here and now, by refusing to let anyone but you define your worth and by reminding yourself every single day that whether you think you have great value or none at all, you’re right.

So, believe in your own self-worth.

And win.

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November Newsletter from Phillip Kane Published

November newsletter from Phillip Kane published

The November 2021 newsletter from author, Phillip Kane and has been published.

This month, there’s news about a breaking endorsement for Phillip’s book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership. There’s also updates on another new affiliate site where readers can now find the book.

Cover, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, by Phillip Kane, author

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In this issue, we also toss in a blog post and a meme or two from, Phillip’s blog site. You’ll also find a few leadership ideas and tips designed to help make you a better, more caring leader.

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We’d like to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Please know that we are especially grateful for you and your personal support of Phillip and his writing.

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AndWin Blog Hits 10K

AndWin blog hits 10K unique visitors
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Phillip Kane’s AndWin blog hits 10K. On November 14, 2021, barely 10 months after its founding, welcomed its 10,000th unique visitor. was established as a resource for those looking for a kinder, better way to lead other human beings than the worn-out autocratic, command-and-control style which dominated the last century and remains prevalent today.

At least once per week, Phillip posts to the site, offering important advice to those seeking to improve their leadership skills. Beginning in early January 202, the blog now contains over 120 of Phillip’s signature stories as well as other helpful materials for leaders of all ages.

For 30 years, author and successful businessman, Phillip Kane proved that leaders no longer needed to choose between delivering results and treating those they lead with dignity and respect. In assignment after assignment, he did both, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in value for brands like Goodyear, Pirelli, and NAPA and developing a new generation of more caring leaders.

Phillip is also the author of The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, available here and wherever great books are sold. “Letters” is an outstanding resource for those who wish to commit to becoming the sort of leader that people WANT to follow.

You can follow Phillip on Twitter here at @ThePhillipKane.

Thank you for visiting, for your part in this important milestone and for adding to the success of the AndWin style of leadership.


100! (visitors in one day)

Phillip Kane’s AndWin blog had 100 visitors in one day

The popularity of the AndWin blog continues to increase with per day visitor counts now hitting triple digits! After reaching 1,000 unique visitors just over 8 weeks after its launch, on March 18, smashed all prior single day totals welcoming 100 visitors in one day for the first time ever!

100 visitors matched our weekly totals during the early days of the blog. So to achieve these types of visitor counts so quickly is tremendously exciting. It also says a great deal about the desire among today’s leaders for a more caring alternative to the fear-based, desk-pounding style of leadership that’s unfortunately been held over from the last century.

Thanks to all who are making The Not So Subtle Art of Caring leadership philosophy and the AndWin blog such a success. It has been gratifying, to say the least, to see this level of support and interest for the blog after such a short period of time.

To learn more about The Not So Subtle Art of Caring, visit the official author site for Phillip Kane, here

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Gratitude News

AndWin Welcomed 1000th

Andwin welcomed its 1000th unique visitor
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Today, March 12, 2021, Phillip Kane’s blog welcomed its 1,000th unique visitor. 

Just over 2 months ago, the AndWin blog made its debut, offering a different, better way for leaders tired of the outdated, never should have been permitted in the first place, table-pounding style of authoritarian leadership.

Now, some 70 posts and 1,000 visitors later, is a clearly established resource for caring leaders. 

In between, in support of Phillip’s book deal with John Hunt Publishing, London, we’ve also launched Phillip’s author site features the latest information about Phillip’s book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership. The site also contains sample content from the book, news about upcoming events and helpful links to reviewers and quality booksellers. 

We’d like to thank you for your part in our achieving our 1,000th visitor so soon. You’ve exceeded our wildest expectations. And for that, we are tremendously grateful. 

Check back each week for new advice about caring and winning. 

In the meantime, remember, leadership begins when it stops being about us. 

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New Meme Page Added

New meme page added to All memes by author, Phillip Kane

A new meme page has been added to, under the menu, where we are publishing author, Phillip Kane’s memes. Each week, Phillip creates and posts several original memes on sites like Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, and LinkedIn. These memes make simple but impactful leadership lessons using words and pictures. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, these memes always have a story to tell about a kinder, better way to lead and often give a glimpse into Phillip’s dry, quick wit. We are now including this content here to add to your total leadership experience. Enjoy.

You can follow Phillip on Twitter at ThePhillipKane, on Instagram at phillip_m_kane or on Facebook at PhillipMatthewKane.

If you like the blog, you’ll love the book! More than 85 of Phillip’s story backed lessons from his time in business have been assembled in one place for the first time along with clear lessons for leaders looking for an alternative to the toxic, narcissistic, and autocratic management style of the last decade which has, unfortunately remained far too prevalent today. If you believe, like Phillip, that there should be no reason to choose between winning and caring for others, you can purchase a copy of Phillip’s book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, from John Hunt Publishing, London, now. To do so, please follow this LINK.

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Contract Signed with JHP

Contract signed with John Hunt Publishing (JHP), Phillip Kane's publisher.

London, UK. I’m super excited to announce that I have signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, London, for the rights to my book The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership which will be released later this year.

About Letters…

Virgin’s Richard Branson, Zappos’ Tony Hsieh and Tesla’s Elon Musk, apart from their obvious success, all share another thing in common.  Each utilized storytelling to maximize their effectiveness as leaders.  Many of the most influential leaders of our and all time, including arguably the most influential leader in history, used storytelling whenever they had a particularly important point to make.

Encouraged by these influences, a father who was a known storyteller and a Nigerian priest who used stories to bridge a language barrier, first-time author, and successful businessperson, Phillip Kane used stories each Friday throughout his career to help business associates relate to key issues facing the organizations he had the privilege to lead.  These weekly letters had less to do with what was going on in the business than how people should think about what was going on in the business.  By helping shift and align his teams’ point of view, Kane and the teams he led were able to accomplish more and win more often.  All because of the stories he told.

In Letters on Leadership, 85 of them are assembled together in one place for the first time, offering a collection of morality tales for any leader searching for a better, more inspiring way to lead others.  Organized around key themes like encouragement, trust, and gratitude, Kane also provides additional insights for existing or aspiring leaders looking for a different, heart-centered way to appeal to those who should be following them than traditional, self-centered, command and control micro-management.

Featured twice in Kouzes’ & Posner’s, The Leadership Challenge (Wiley), Phillip Kane’s storytelling technique and the leadership lessons he imparts are key for any leader seeking to create winning teams built on a fundamental foundation of kindness and service to others. 

Check back often for more news as the editorial and publication process unfolds.

Thank you for visiting and for supporting The Not So Subtle Art of Caring. It’s a kinder, better way to lead human beings.

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Celebrate News

Celebrate Victories

True, caring leaders celebrate victories. Phillip Kane

January 1, 2021

Tonight, my wife’s, and now my daughter Chuck’s, Ohio State Buckeys destroyed Dabo Swinney’s allegedly #2 ranked Clemson Tigers, beating them by three touchdowns in a game where Swinney and his much celebrated defensive coordinator, Brent Venables, were terrifically outcoached, and outclassed.

But as much as this could be a letter about execution or about not saying stupid things, or about not coaching your players to break the rules by hitting with the crown of their helmets, it not about any of the three of those things.  It’s about what happened after the game.

As the clock hit 00:00, the entire Buckeye squad ran onto the field, celebrating, hugging each other, fist bumping, jumping up on each other, heading to the stands to whoop it up with family and friends and tossing gear high in the air.

I wasn’t struck so much that celebrations in athletics are unusual, but that celebrations like these outside of athletics are what separate winners from losers.

And that’s the point for the week.

Celebrations in athletics are commonplace, even at the grown adult, professional level where it’s not uncommon to find middle-aged men dousing themselves with expensive Champagne after winning a significant championship or series.

But in business celebrations are rare.  I suppose celebrations are viewed as something childish.  Or maybe revelry is perceived as lacking decorum.  Or it could be that the stick in the mud leaders that populate most C-suites today truly believe that fun has no place in the “serious” world of big business.  It’s more my sense, actually, that these people don’t celebrate because they don’t have much to celebrate.

True, caring leaders magnify success by rejoicing when they see it.  They miss no opportunity to recognize team wins.  They may not chase their players around spraying them with booze, but they do find ways to make a big deal out of even little accomplishments.

Leaders that celebrate success, tell others they care without saying a word.  They tell their teams that winning matters, that achievement is recognized, that accomplishing things gets rewarded.  Oh, and that theirs is a fun place to work, where laughter, cheer and joy are not only OK, but they are encouraged and modeled by the boss.

These events create camaraderie, and opportunities for teams to replay the victory in their own words, to learn again what went well and to reinforce the positive behaviors that led to a positive outcome.  In these environments, trust blossoms, love springs forth and a kind of brotherhood and sisterhood form that results in a nearly impenetrable mesh between teammates that defies competitive assault or other intrusion, ultimately yielding an associate body of such incredible speed, force, and focus that losing eventually becomes universally unthinkable.

So, celebrate victories.

And win. 

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