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Accomplishing anything extraordinary requires love. Phillip Kane's and blog
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Friday, December 9, 2022

This week in my church, and likely in many of yours, we celebrated the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Gospel reading, recounted the story of the visit to the Virgin Mary, by the Angel, Gabriel, who announced to her that she would conceive and bear a child who would be the son of God. It is not necessary for you to believe that this happened. It is enough for you to imagine that it did. For the point of all of this is not a religious thing. It is moreover about that which drives human beings to undertake the extraordinary.

Think for a moment about what was required in this case, or for any human being, or group of them, to agree to undertake the monumental. Certainly it takes faith. Trust matters as well. But to accomplish the truly extraordinary, as in this example from 2,000 years ago – requires love. 

And that’s the point for the week.

The greatest level of commerce that can exist among human beings is love. It’s not trust. Nor is it faith. While these things matter a great deal and are always a part of winning teams, accomplishing anything of extraordinary value requires a depth of feeling that can only be described one way – as love. It is love that enables the accomplishment of the seemingly impossible. 

Love is not strong like. 

Love is exactly what it says. It is the point at which one places the needs, interests, wants, security, comfort and feelings of others
ahead of their own. When the people in an organization truly love one another, they look out for one another, they protect one another, and keep each other safe. With love, there is no wasted effort or emotion because every single person in the place wants and works for the same exact things – because they understand that when those goals are achieved, the lives of everyone in the organization improve. No one engages in self-centered behavior; no one pulls the rope the wrong way or doesn’t pull it at all, because these are not acts of love.  

When every person in an organization truly loves every other person in that organization, there is almost nothing that organization cannot achieve. That’s because there is almost nothing each person in that organization would not do for every other person in the place. 

Doubt it? Find anyone who’s ever achieved the extraordinary, defied the odds, or performed what was once thought impossible. Look more deeply at what made it happen, kept it together, or held it aloft. I’ll bet you it feels more than a little bit like love. 

That’s because nothing meaningful in the history of mankind was ever accomplished without love. 

What we do here won’t be the first. 

So love the one you’re looking at. 

And win. 

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By Phillip Kane

Phillip Kane is a husband, father, and caring steward. He has had a successful business career of more than 30 years in some of the world’s best-known corporations. Working for brands like Goodyear, Pirelli, Rothschild, and NAPA, Kane has had the privilege to lead thousands of individuals and has managed billions of dollars in value for stakeholders. Consistently recognized by the leaders of these organizations for excellence, Kane though credits any personal success to those he has led and who have made each win possible. Born in Detroit, the grandson of an International Harvester (now Navistar) truck dealer, Kane has spent a lifetime in and around cars and trucks. An Eagle Scout, Kane has been serving others since he was a young boy. Crediting his father and a Nigerian priest with almost every good thing he has learned about life, leadership, business and the art of storytelling, Kane has been recognized twice by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner for the impact of his storytelling on teams. Kane lives in Ohio with his wife, Annie, of 28 years, 3 children, Caroline (24), Charlotte (21) and William (17), and the wonderdogs – Moses, Daisy, Eddie and Pete.

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