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The Not So Subtle Art of Caring

The Not So Subtle Art of Caring. No one ever gained anything from not caring. Spelling curse words with asterisks is juvenile.

September 2016

On a flight back home this week, I couldn’t help but notice that airport booksellers’ shelves had been hit with the latest wisdom from author, Mark Manson, encouraging readers to stop giving a f*ck. According to the author, the path to self-actualization and inner-peace is best found when one simply stops caring. As I stood in front of a new display of the orange and black bible for a new age, I couldn’t help but think, almost aloud, that such apathy is the root of much of what is wrong in the world today. As if on cue, a traveler brushed against a nearby display, knocking part of it to the ground, then hurrying on her way not to be bothered. It became abundantly clear to me in that instant that if there is an art to anything it is to actually giving a f*ck. 

And that’s the point for the week. 

It takes almost no effort not to care. The apathy that is the hallmark of most C-suites today requires zero investment. On the other hand, to carry others, to put their needs before your own, to practice The Not So Subtle Art of Caring, or to work for the greater good instead of self-gain all require things like sacrifice, pain, personal risk, and even loss. Caring takes courage. But those who care enough to work in the service of others understand that they are playing a longer game, one where happiness and success have different goal posts. 

Those who serve others put the success of others ahead of their own because they derive joy from caring about others. In their hearts they believe that when others win, they win. For those who awake each day with a servant heart it isn’t about them.  It’s about others. It’s about giving a f*ck about the greater good. 

Like all else in life, it’s a choice. A choice between apathy or concern. Between putting our needs first or those of someone else. Between caring or not. Between picking up a fallen display or walking on our way. 

When we choose to care, others notice. Bonds of trust form. Care is reciprocated. Wagons get circled when threats appear. Effort multiplies. People look out for each other. All because one leader made a choice to care a bit more for others and a little less about himself. 

So practice the art of giving a f*ck. 

And win. 

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