Encourage Others

True, caring leaders encourage others.
Gregg Russell, Hilton Head Island, SC

July 10, 2010

For the last 34 years, Gregg Russell has been singing under a giant Oak tree in Harbor Town on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina – just him, a stool and a guitar.  Oh, and a throng of children who pack the little benches that surround the simple stage. 

Some of you may have seen him. 

Many children bring signs for Gregg – sort of like those you’d see at sporting events. Gregg reads every single one. Some are elaborate, with clever rhymes and colorful drawings. Some are basic. Remarkably, Gregg makes every sign-bearer feel like theirs is a work of art. 

The highlight of the show is the time when kids in the crowd are given a chance to sing. Some are promising young performers. Others are, well, not. But, as with the signs, Gregg Russell makes each child feel special – like a star. 

See, Gregg Russell isn’t so much a folk singer as he is an encourager of children. 

Grown adults remember seeing Gregg Russell as kids and recall watching him from those benches.  That’s because we humans are more apt to remember those who encourage us. 

That’s the point for the week. 

Think about those bosses, teachers, coaches, or counselors that you’ve never forgotten. The people who you’d follow anywhere.  The people who made you feel you could be or do whatever you dreamed of.  

Chances are these people are encouragers. 

Encouragers know a few things to be true.  When we encourage others, they want to win more. They want to keep trying more.  They want to dig deeper more.  They want to do the right things the right way more.  They want to win more.

With encouragement, people believe they are valued – that they and what they are doing matter.

With encouragement, people believe they can achieve anything they set their mind to do. 

When people WANT to win and BELIEVE they can, they become a nearly unstoppable force.  They win…all because someone told them they could. 

Encourage others. 

And win.

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