Be Attendant to the Needs of Others

True, caring leaders know to be attendant to the needs of others. Phillip Kane

April 2, 2009

This week, we hosted nearly 200 folks in St. Kitts for our Champion level Spirit of Goodyear trip. 

We brought 89 of our participants on a charter plane from Miami. 

During the three-hour flight, Doug Whittington and I had an opportunity to act as flight attendants – stewards if you will.  We served food and drinks to our customers and otherwise attended to their every need. We were even briefed on the safety aspects of the plane and were there for the security of our pax as well. 

In almost no time, it seemed, we had arrived in St. Kitts. The flight was a barrel of fun.  Except for take-off and landing, Doug and I never sat down – scuttling back and forth along the aisle offering this, fetching that, or answering questions about the flight or our arrival procedure. We spent all of our time assisting others and had more fun than anyone. 

Life is like that. The greatest enjoyment comes not from serving ourselves, but in serving others. 

That’s the point for the week. 

Whether in our job – selling tires or leading people – or away from work –  raising children or building community – the end result is almost always enhanced when we first care for and serve others. 

Think back over a year, or five, or ten of your life and consider your most fulfilling achievements or experiences. I expect that many, if not all, included something you did for someone else. 

The old Christmas cliche is true (that’s why it’s a cliche). We DO get more when we give than when we receive. 

It’s part of who we are. It’s how we’re made. 

When we do things for others we grow as individuals, those we offer help to prosper, and the end result of any endeavor we’re involved in improves. 

Serve others. 

And win.

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